Kyle Pfromer

I'm a Software Engineer


Hi! My name is Kyle Pfromer. I am a Full-Stack Web Developer. I started programming in middle school and have been writing code since then.
    Study: University of Colorado, Boulder
    Degree: Bachelor of Science
    Interests: Hiking, Biking, Snowboarding
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I spend most of my time with React, Mongodb, Angular, Nodejs, and Java and have over three years of experience with JavaScript. Over the past summer (2019) I have learned C++ to build an assembler, a higher level virtual stack manipulation language and a compiler to learn about computer systems in preparation for college. Building this computer system has given me a great appreciation for all the hard work past computer scientists have done for us.


April 2018 - Present


An open-source library that connects nestjs (a backend TypeScript framework) with typegoose (TypeScript wrapper for mongoose).
February 2020 - Present


A tool that syncs spreedsheet data with google tasks.
February 2019

Silent Auction

Responsive web application written National Honor Society used by parents and students to bid on charity items.
September 2019 - November 2019

Movie Chooser

A web app that allows for people to add movies that they want to watch on movie night.

Blog Posts

02 May, 2020

My First Neural Network

26 November, 2019

First Blog Post


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