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I'm Kyle Pfromer and I'm a Creative Thinker

Hi! My name is Kyle Pfromer. I am a Web Developer, and I'm very passionate and dedicated to my work. I started programming in middle school and have been trying to learn as much as about software development as I can. I have gained loads of knowledge and have the skills to make your project a success. I enjoy breaking down projects that seem to be difficult into bit sized chunks. I find I feel the most accomplished when I finish a product that does everything is was created to do.

  • 11.29.2000
  • Boulder, CO, USA
  • University of Colorado, Boulder
  • [email protected]
  • 19
  • Hiking, Biking, Snowboarding
  • Bachelor
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I spend most of my time with React, Mongodb, Angular, Nodejs, and Java and have over three years of experience with JavaScript. Over the past summer (2019) I have learned C++ to build an assembler, a higher level virtual stack manipulation language and a compiler to learn about computer systems in preparation for college. Building this computer system has given me a great appreciation for all the hard work past computer scientists have done for us.


  • April 2018 - Present


    An open-source library that connects nestjs (a backend TypeScript framework) with typegoose (TypeScript wrapper for mongoose).

  • February 2020 - Present


    A tool that syncs spreedsheet data with google tasks.

  • February 2019

    Silent Auction

    Responsive web application written National Honor Society used by parents and students to bid on charity items.

  • September 2019 - November 2019

    Movie Chooser

    A web app that allows for people to add movies that they want to watch on movie night.

Blog Posts

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  • 26 November, 2019

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